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Mapping Boston and the American Revolution, MS

Length of Time:   30 Minutes


Maps tell stories both based on the information they include and the details they omit. For our nation’s founding story, the American Revolution, maps reveal many interesting aspects of this narrative. Maps of Boston in particular are central to this tale as so many important events occurred there.  Understanding the landscape in which these events unfolded helps to convey the intensity of the experience for the colonists who lived and worked closely among one another and the British soldiers.

Essential Questions

How can maps reveal different aspects of the American Revolution?

Common Core Standards

Content Standards

Grade 5: US History, Geography, Economy and Government:

Early Exploration to Westward Movement

Concepts and Skills: History and Geography

  1. Observe and identify details in charts and graphs
  2. Use maps and globes to identify absolute locations
  3. Distinguish between types of maps
  4. Compare modern maps and historic maps

The Political, Intellectual and Intellectual Growth of the Colonies, 1700-1775

5.11 Explain the importance of maritime commerce to colonial Massachusetts

5.15 Explain the impact of the French and Indian war on British colonial policy

The Revolution and the Formation of a Federal Government 1775-1789

5.17 Major Battles



US History I: The Revolution Through Reconstruction, 1763-1877

The Political and Intellectual Origins of the American Nation: the Revolution and the Constitution, 1763-1789

US1.4 Analyze how Americans resisted British policies before 1775

US1.5 Explain the role of Massachusetts in the revolution