Matters of Education

Learning Happens Everywhere

Beyond Latitude and Longitude
Using Maps to Teach Everyone and Everything

Target Audience:   K-12 Classroom Teachers, Department Chairs, Curriculum Coordinators, School Leaders, Special Educators, Literacy Coaches, Math Coaches

Length of Time:   Options: Half Day, Full Day


Of course we expect to use maps to teach geography and Social Studies, but creative writing and critical thinking? Math and science? Upon closer inspection, these seemingly objective documents prove to be among the most biased of sources. As they convey the choices, perspective, and the changing state of knowledge that produced them, they reveal their true value to educators in the stories they tell.

Participants will:
  • Be shown a variety of historic and contemporary maps as tools for learning in all academic disciplines
  • Assess and Acquire sample curriculum materials
  • Learn how to have students create maps to generate critical thinking in all academic disciplines, K-12
  • Be guaranteed to say “I didn’t know you could use a map for that!”