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More Than 1000 Words:
Teaching with Visual Images

Target Audience:   K-12 Teachers, District and School Administrators, Curriculum Coordinators, Department Chairs

Length of Time:   OPTIONS: Half Day, Full Day, Multiple Day


Visual Images are amazing teaching tools. They convey choice, bias, and perspective. They reflect a specific point of knowledge and how that can change over time. And they always tell a story, both internal to the image and from the context which produced it. Learning how to use these with your students, and expanding your own definition of what constitutes text, serves to inspire and engage everyone.

Participants will:
  • Be shown a variety of visual images and how to incorporate them as learning tools in all academic disciplines
  • Acquire and Assess sample curriculum materials
  • Learn strategies such as Making Thinking Visible and Lessons in Looking
  • Broaden their understanding and appreciation for what constitutes text