Matters of Education

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September to June: Planning an Effective School Year

Target Audience:   K-12 Teachers, Department Chairs, Curriculum Coordinators, School and District Administrators

Length of Time:   OPTIONS: Half Day, Full Day


The most important question we ask ourselves as educators is:
What would it break my heart if my students left the room in June not knowing, not being able to do?

But even if you have the answer to that question, how do you set up your year, your month, your week, your day to accomplish that lofty goal?  And how do you break down the tasks in workable, manageable units? Allow us to help you set realistic, attainable objectives and set the parameters for a successful year.

Participants will
  • Reflect on individual practice
  • Identify long term goals
  • Set specific objectives
  • Establish meaningful criteria to measure student acquisition of learning