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The Question is the Thing

Target Audience:   K-12 Teachers, Department Chairs, Curriculum Coordinators, School and District Administrators

Length of Time:   OPTIONS: Half Day, Single Day, Multiple Day


From ‘Where’s Waldo?’ to ‘To Be or Not To Be’ questions shape student learning. This practical, hands-on workshop will engage participants as they unpack model lessons and work to refine and develop their own curriculum. Using Common Core Standards, teachers will explore skill based instructional models that integrate Assessment, Criteria Based Learning, and Progressive Task Complexity to inform instruction. An essential takeaway will be to help teachers foster a learning environment where students are inspired to generate a range of questions and develop the tools to answer them.

Participants will:
  • Become familiar with concepts of Inquiry based pedagogy, such as Visual Teaching Strategies and Making Thinking Visible
  • Be introduced to an integrative questioning model
  • Facilitate student inquiry of questioning in learning
  • Assess and Acquire sample curriculum