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China’s Home Front: Part IIread the article in its entirety

Subject:   Economy and Geography

Reading Level:   Adult / High School


China encompasses a large geographic area with a wide range of resources. The rapid shift to a market economy in the last thirty years has transformed it into an economic powerhouse. This growth was achieved and is perpetuated by enormous government support. The result is a transformation of much of Chinese society as well as its role in international affairs. China’s economic power goes far beyond the marketplace as wields its ability to affect the consumption of raw materials and finished goods and services. Despite these changes, certain patterns of behavior, customs, and attitude persist, particularly in rural areas. This growth has not been without costs in terms of pollution, health risks, and government corruption. The shift from state owned to private industry has led to a great deal of freedom with little actual oversight on the part of the government.

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Read the article in its entirety