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Subject:   Election 2016

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I have been an educator for 35 years and like many of you struggled with how to teach this election cycle. Distinctive for negativity and unique personalities, I am also mindful of the global impact of the results. I have updated many of my lessons for 2016 and most could be adapted to any election cycle but I also present a few to grapple with the problems, personalities, and consternation both candidates have generated. For students (and teachers) of history, the broader context is always what frames our understanding. And while we are not yet ready to write the history of this campaign, we can bring these tools to bear. What choices exist? Who gets to make these choices? And what is the impact of the choices we have made upon future decisions and events? I hope those frames help us all make sense of what has often seemed insensible.

Over the next few weeks look for individual lessons and whole units to help you approach this topic with your students. Hot links to lessons are under Relevant Curriculum below.

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Read the article in its entirety