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England Comes to Egypt, 1860-1900

Length of Time:   45 Minutes


Maps are powerful documents. They are never objective, based on both the information they include as well as what they exclude. Contemporaries often use maps to present a position or argue a case. They influence the viewer in subtle ways, as the cartographer employs his or her talents in the service of a larger objective. The maps in this lesson were used to promote the British re-conquest of Sudan in late 1890s.

Essential Questions

How were maps used as political propaganda during the period of British imperialism?

Common Core Standards

Content Standards

World History II: The Rise of the Nation State to the Present

Industrial Revolution and Social and Political Change in Europe, 1800-1914

WH1II.11 Describe the causes of 19th century European Imperialism

WHII.15 Major developments African History in the 19th and 20th centuries