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Middle East Forum

Length of Time:   3-4 Class Periods


The Middle East is a region whose nations confront enormous problems on a daily basis. Centuries of conflict, economic and political colonization, religious tensions, and grassroots movement for democracy after decades of authoritarian rule are just some of the issues these nations face. In this activity, students will simulate a regional forum where representatives from Middle Easter nations will try to solve their own and the region’s problems.


Essential Questions

What are the issues facing this area of the world?
How might the nations and people of the area attempt to resolve these issues?

Common Core Standards

Content Standards

World History I: The World from the Fall of Rome through the Enlightenment

The Emergence and Expansion of Islam in 1500

The Encounters between Christianity and Islam to 1500

The Growth and Decline of Islamic Empires


World History II: The Rise of the Nation State to the Present

Industrial Revolution and Social and Political Change in Europe, 1800-1914

WH1II.11 Describe the causes of 19th century European Imperialism

The Great Wars, 1914-1945

WHII.19 Major developments in the Middle East before World War II

The Cold War, 1945-1989

WHII.38 Nationalist Movements in the Middle East

WHII.39 Establishment of the state of Israel and resulting conflicts in the Middle East

Contemporary World, 1989-Present