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South American Nation Study

Length of Time:   Time Out of Class for Research and Writing


To help students understand the complex forces that shape events related to Bolivia and the entire continent, they will each become an expert about one nation. Central to this project will be learning about the geography, history, economy and politics of their country. They will also explore their nation’s relationship with Bolivia.

COMPANION ACTIVITY TO High School Lesson: South American FORUM

Essential Questions

What are the important issues facing this part of the world?

Common Core Standards

Content Standards

World History I: The World from the Fall of Rome through the Enlightenment

WH1.14 Identify the major effects of the European colonial period in South America


World History II: The Rise of the Nation State to the Present

Industrial Revolution and Social and Political Change in Europe, 1800-1914

WH1II.11 Describe the causes of 19th century European Imperialism

Latin American History in the 19th and early 20th centuries

WHII.16 Major developments in Latin American History to the early 20th century

The Cold War, 1945-1989

WHII.38 Nationalist Movements in Latin America

Contemporary World, 1989-Present